How to Manage Those Sensitive Pimples?

First of all, let's start with some basic preventive steps that you might be knowing already:

  • Wash the affected area twice daily with clear water. No soaps or gels are required, just plain water is sufficient.
  • Too much of washing especially with soaps is actually bad for this region. This is because it unnecessarily washes away the good bacteria present in the vaginal area. This renders the region vulnerable to growth of opportunistic fungi.
  • Keep the area clean and dry. Do not let moisture get trapped there. This trapped moisture may aid in pimple formation.
  • Try to wear loose cotton clothes as far as possible. Tight garments which are not able to soak excess sweat from the body aid in pimple formation.
  • Eat healthy- less of fried greasy stuff and junk food. Take more or fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Drink lots of plain water.
  • It is advisable to use all cosmetics in moderation. Many a times, certain areas of the body may be allergic to them, causing you an allergic reaction mimicking pimples.

Dealing With Recurrent Occurrence of Pimples and Acne

Sometimes pimples and acne occur again and again. Also, not every one has acne. There are definitely some specific causesin susceptible individuals that make grounds for acne formation.

The factors that promote the occurrence of these pimples include:

Infrequent washing of the area

This leads to accumulation of oily secretions in which dust and tissue debris get trapped. This mixed materials further impedes the flow of sebum and makes the acne form.

Unhealthy eating habits

Having a lot of oily stuff, junk food, heavy greasy meals. Also having less of fresh fruits and vegetables. Extra oil in the body make grounds fo more pimples to grow. Alternately, fresh fruits and veggies help cleaning up the blood to give a clearer skin all over the body.

Less water intake

Drinking less of water can predispose to acne formation. Water is the best cleanser. It washes away all wastes and debris deposited in the body.

Using too much of perfumed cosmetic products on the area.

Warm Compress Technique for Pimples Down There

Pour some warm water in a clean bowl. Soak a wash cloth in warm water.  Apply this over the pimple and keep it for a minutes. Remove and repeat it again.

This will soften the surface of the pimple. Try draining the pus, if any, in a plug of medicated cotton. Do not force or give yourself any pain while draining. Only the pus which can easily come out needs to be wiped.

Releasing pus would ease its tension and will aid in early recovery. The best time for warm compresses is early morning and before bedtime, that is, twice a day.