3 Quick and Easy Steps to Treat Those Pimples Yourself

1. Apply Warm Compress on Pimples

  • Take warm water in a clean bowl. Soak a small clean towel in it.
  • Apply this over the pimple and keep it for a minute. Remove. Repeat the procedure again.
  • This will soften the outer covering of the pimple.
  • Try draining the pus, if any, in a plug of medicated cotton.
  • Do not force drainage. Only the pus which comes out easily needs to be wiped.
  • Draining pus would ease its tension, thereby relieving pain. Also, this will aid in early recovery.
  • The best time for warm compresses is before bedtime.
  • Apply an antibiotic over the pimple if required.

2. Keep the Area Clean and Dry

Trapped Moisture and our natural secretions form ground for the pimple to grow.

So, daily cleaning of this sensitive area with clear water is essential. Dry dab the area after cleaning.

Wear loose cotton based garments, as far as possible, to let the area breathe. This will prevent the occurrence of pimples.

Pimples are commoner if you wear tight jeans or shorts all the time. You may wear them when you go out for some time. However, when at home and at night times, try wearing loose cotton clothes.

No soaps or gels are required to clean this area, just plain water is sufficient.

Too much of washing especially with soaps is actually bad. This is because it may wash away the good bacteria present in this area. This renders the region vulnerable to growth of opportunistic fungi, dryness and certain infections.

3. Prevent Recurrence of Pimples

  • Eat healthy- less of fried greasy stuff and junk food. Take more or fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Drink lots of plain water.
  • Use all cosmetics for the area in moderation. Many a times, certain areas of the body may be allergic to them, causing you an allergic reaction mimicking pimples.
  • Wash the area regularly with clear water.